Sunday, April 24, 2011


One of my favorite places in China is Nanjing. It is actually the old capitol of China! Nan means old and jing means capitol! (Bei means new if you were wondering) Here are some of my favorite pictures from that trip! I hope you enjoy them :)

 Home sweet home? Our hostel in Nanjing... "Wait, we only have four people booked to sleep in here... Why are there six beds?"

 So I got to sleep by a Belgium man... Complete stranger. Turns out he sleeps naked and meditates for an hour in the morning. Naked.

 Trying to figure out where we are, and where we are going. Looks hard huh? Well trust me when I saw that it's harder than it looks.

 My favorite treat! They are strawberries that are dipped in a sugar glaze. The glaze hardens and boy... I can't even tell you how good they are!

 Stephanie and I infront of the Confucius Temple.

 It is the year of the rabbit, and I love it! These little guys are everywhere :)

 I love the cool buildings here.

 We went to a bell/drum tower. Us stupid Americans starting to take turns doing this ^ and we quickly got a crowd of asians taking pictures and videos of us. haha

Random catholic church we stumbled upon. It was cool! I don't understand how it was legal though.

 Steph and I. I love her :)

 Nanjing at night time! This cool river was right outside of our hostel! The weird sleeping situation was worth the great location.

 There are lanterns EVERYWHERE in Nanjing

 They had this really pretty tree, and you could buy ribbons with a little weight on them. There were lots of different ribbons for lots of different types of wishes. Wealth, Health, Love, Happiness etc. I picked love :) So then you make a wish and throw it into the tree. It will either stay up in the tree or fall out. You have three chances to get the ribbon to stay or your wish will not come true! Mine stayed after my first try. 

I could eat those all day... And I did.

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