Thursday, April 28, 2011

babies and puppies :)

My favorite thing about China?
The babies and puppies!
Cutest babies EVER!!!

At home, It would be weird seeing a really cute baby and going to pick it up and hold it and play with it. (Not that it ever stopped me.) In China, to have a American give your kid attention is a huge deal! So we can play with all the cute babies we want :)And I feel like China is a puppy heaven. Well.. not really because they are all stray and probably starving... But they're so many puppies running around everywhere! It is the best. I can tell that people are getting annoyed that I have to stop and pet every puppy I see, but I really can't help it!

He was making the funniest grunting noises. 

What got me through a 32 hour train ride :)

 Letting a stray puppy bite my hand? Probably not the smartest idea. He just wanted to play though!

 It's the year of the rabbit, and boy am I happy about it! These little guys are everywhere!

 I am allergic to cats :( So Emily had to hold it for me.

A pink puppy? I felt like that kid on the youtube video David after the dentist... "Is this real life?!"

So much love in this picture :)

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