Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I am so sorry......

Hello my dear family and friends! 
Boy... so much has happened, I don't even know where to start. Let me start by just apologizing for not posting sooner. It has been about 3 weeks and I haven't made a post?! I am very disappointed in myself. So this is me promising that I will do better. I will post at least once a week, if not more. Honest I promise. Believe me? Yes? No? Well I will prove you wrong!
I really really don't know where to start. I think that's why I have procrastinated posting because so much has happened and I feel overwhelmed because I really don't know where to begin. I guess I will start at the very beginning...
I woke up Feb 9th, the day that I was leaving for China, and realized that it was probably a good idea to start packing... For those of you who know me well your probably saying to yourself, "Oh, that is typical Kylee!" But in my defense I had some things laid out, just not in my suitcase... You can imagine how much of a stress case my mom was. You see, she has been telling me for weeks that I need to start packing. To me that seemed totally ridiculous, so I kept putting it off, not realizing until a few days before leaving how hard it was really going to be. So I woke up not packed at all and sick and about to move to China. My mom saved the day, and helped me get everything together. I said a sad goodbye to my best friends and my dog Lilly and was off to the airport. It started hitting me on the way that I was actually moving to China. I started getting really nervous, but it would turn into excitement only to be washed away with a wave of nausea from the anxiety of actually living in China. Where they eat dog. It was a pretty dramatic car ride... Well inside my head at least. I finally got to the airport and got checked in and meet up with my roommate Carlie Bean. I kissed my sweet parents goodbye and walked right into the terminal. Carlie and I got our last fix of good ol’ American french fries and headed towards our gate. Flying to China is not for the faint of heart. On the 15 hour flight from LA to Korea I had a lovely Korean woman that would pound her fists on my chair if I leaned my seat back at all. When I would turn around to look at her she would just smile at me. It was really creepy... But more than anything it was annoying. The flight attendants wouldn’t do anything about it, so I just let her hit my seat for a while until she gave up. I would have understood if she was tall and needed leg room, but she had the shortest legs I have ever seen.
After over a day of traveling full of plane and bus rides we finally got to our school. And boy is it beautiful! The school is huge and beautiful. There are so many Chinese gardens with beautiful gazebos. It is snowing and freezing here right now, but I can’t wait for how beautiful it is going to be in the spring! 
So guess what? I actually like the food here! We get served breakfast, lunch and dinner at the cafeteria at the school. I’m not gonna lie, it’s not bad. Maybe that’s because I was expecting cow tongue and dog. I think I might survive this after all!
But my China experience is a roller coaster. It has it’s ups and downs. I am already starting to get homesick honestly.. But I really love the adventures and new things I am experiencing. The other day we were down town and I saw this old homeless man that was shivering and laying on the cold ground outside. It was one of the saddest things I have ever seen. He looked so hopeless and alone. I went and knelt down by him and just gave him hugs and stroked his head. He just smiled up at me while I cried. It might have not been the most sanitary thing I have ever done, but it was one of the most tender moments I have ever had. I still think about that man all the time and hope he is warm and feed. I am going to post this and really be diligent at posting from now on. I will be better about sharing pictures and stories. It will be a lot easier once I get internet in my room!
So this my my first blog post and I am glad that I got it over with. Now I will just tell you stories when they come up so that its not so overwhelming when I sit down to try to blog. 
Bear with me here!

A lot more pictures to come... Promise!

 Some of my ELE kids!

 A good food day at the cafeteria... kinda. No chicken feet at least.
My roomie Carlie and I! Love her.


  1. So glad to finally "hear" from you Kylee! What an adventure. Oh my goodness, you had me laughing about that Korean lady. Way to be a good sport! ;) And brought a tear to my eye about the homeless man. Puts life into perspective, eh?! Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures there. :)

  2. Yay! I love this post. You have such a tender heart. China is so lucky!!! Loved hearing your voice tonight. Love you!! Meggie

  3. It's so fun to follow you on your adventure through this blog. I am so happy for you and for the experiences you are living. This experience will change your life and will help you see the world in a whole new light. Love the people and love the adventure and be sure to make the very best of every single experience you encounter! Can't wait to see and read more. Be safe Kylee, we love you!