Sunday, March 13, 2011

How to see my pictures

Sooooo I am sorry that this has been so confusing... If you want to view my pictures you can click on them and click to view it and it will take you to this website to log in. What you have to do is put my email address,

Then the password is 190201

Hopefully this helped. If not maybe I can try explaining it better. Just let me know...

My homeroom! I love my pandas :)
Alley, Ben, Cici and Bill!
J-dog (seriously.), Annie, Katie, Sam!
My favorite. Little Bill :) He is a grumpy old man trapped in a child's body. He reminds me of the old man on up. The first couple weeks I had him he was always frowning. After lots of work and kisses and hugs he is now my happiest little boy. He just hugs on me and kisses my cheeks. I love my little Billy.
Harry!!! I love Harry. He is a little inty bity thing. He has this really high pitched giggle. Whenever he drops something, or is surprised he says "OH MY LADY GAGA!" Hahahaha


  1. Hey sis. I didn't see any pictures or links to click on for your pictures. I saw some that mom sent.

  2. I LOVE these pictures!! Harry is so cute!! Everyone is so cute. Love you, miss you, SO PROUD of you. xoxo Meggie