Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I got accepted!!!

China, here I come! I got my acceptance letter and now it's time to get myself ready to go. I have so much to do. I need to get my document packets all filled out, get my visa, go to my training lessons, get lots of school supplies, write my fundraising letter and brace myself for culture shock. I am so excited to go! But I am going to be totally honest... I'm pretty nervous too. These pictures show my different emotions perfectly when I opened my letter.

I got in!! I am really going to China! This is going to be amazing! I am going to see such beautiful places. I am going to actually teach little kids. I can't wait to make good friends. This is going to be the best experience ever!
and the craziest... Oh my gosh, what am I going to eat? I don't even know how to say hello in Chinese. Am I going to survive this? Do you really think people are going to try to cut some of my hair off?...
I am leaving in February and I have so much to do! How am I going to pull this off.... And once again, what am I going to eat?!
Here goes nothing :)
Some people think I am crazy for doing this. And I probably am. You see, I'm what my family likes to call dependent. Do I agree with that?........ yep. But this is my opportunity to grow up and be independent! I am really excited to be challenged and pushed to be stronger and better. But I know that it is also going to be really really hard for me. This blog is going to be more like a journal. I am going to tell a lot of funny stories and post cool pictures, but if I am homesick or having an awful day I'm not going to pretend I'm just dandy. This is going to be a journey for me full of ups and downs and I want you all to be a part of it and support me through everything.

I'll write again soon! Wish me luck on getting everything ready. Love you guys!


P.S. No really... What am I going to eat?!?!


  1. I am so excited for you. This is going to be a great way to become independent and expand you taste buds! I really hope you keep up with this blog. I will check it often. love, Anissa

  2. Haha! Good start of a blog. Good luck not dying out there! :)

  3. Ha ha oh Kylee, you crack me up! If I were you I would pack non-perishable food items in your bag and buy clothing there (that way you will fit in with their style anyway:) ) I'm excited to follow your blog, I've already listed it to my blog list of friends! You will do great though, I have no doubt

  4. Yay for Kylee!! I know you can do this. I know this for sure because I see you growing into a beautiful adult right before my eyes. You are amazing! No, you are made of amazing. I have 100% faith in you. Love your guts! Meggie

  5. AWESOME! I agree with Heidi - You have until February to find a protein bar or granola bar (that will sustain life) that you like THEN pack only that - no clothes! Love ya and good luck

  6. Ha Kylee- that is why I knew I wouldn't go on a mission . . . I was afraid of what I might have to eat. :) Maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised and actually love their cuisine and ask yourself why you haven't been eating it your whole life! Here's hoping anyway. :)

  7. there's a lot of good food ~ some scary food ~ some unexpected food and always McDonalds! :) Some of the best food I had was cooked on a hot plate out of a cinder block storage unit type deal, so be ready for lots of unexpecteds! I'm so happy for you and all nostalgic for my footloose and fancy free days! Which province are you going to?

  8. That's SO freak'n awesome!!! Can't wait to hear all about it! I think this will be really good for you! I moved out of the house for about 6 months to try and "grow up" a little before I got married and I'm not gonna lie. It was hard. And I only moved to colorado!! BUT you'll be busy and make a lot of friends and you'll look back on it and be soooooo glad that you did it. I now miss colorado in the worst way and sometimes wish i could go back and relive it all over again...sometimes...haha

  9. Nee how mah, Kylee. I am thrilled to get to hear your thoughts & feelings as you embark on one of many life experiences. Prepare for worst but expect the best!